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Turn these into more $$ for your business

Scrap tire haulers are in a “high revenue” and “high expense” industry.  Having spent 12 years in the hauling business myself, I have a special appreciation for one of the biggest expenses…Tipping Fees.  If you’re a hauler, you’ll probably agree that “painful” is the best way to describe this biggest expense we have.

When I started as a hauler with my 3 partners…us and a truck in 1999, tipping fees at the local county facility were as low as $40/ ton.  Now we see tipping fees in excess of $90/ ton!  With fuel rates going through the roof and pressure from competition to lower prices, it’s a challenge to say the least.

My partners and I recognized that scrap tire processing could be done more efficiently…cutting out some of the middle men in the process and still making a profit.  We started Tire Recyclers to make money, no doubt, but because we have an efficient business model, we can pass on significant savings to our hauler friends on tipping fees.

We’re centrally located just outside of Richmond, VA at 2640 Roxbury Road, Charles City, VA 23030.  Come visit us with your next load or call for more information at (804) 966-9770.  Even if your in Northern Virgnina, our rates make it worth your trip and we’d like to meet you!

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